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    Tandulanali Jataka 005 

    තණ්ඩුල නාලි ජාතකය  – සිංහල පරිවර්තනය ඉංග්‍රිසි කොටස අවසානයේ..

    Once on a time Brahmadatta was in Benares in Kasi. In reigning those days our Bodhisatta was his valuer. He used to value horses, elephants, and the like; and jewels, gold, and the like; and he used to pay over to the owners of the goods the proper price, as he fixed it.

    But the king was greedy and his greed suggested to him this thought: “This valuer with his style of valuing will soon exhaust all the riches in my house; I must get another valuer.” Opening his window (More …)

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    Tags: චුල්ලසෙඨි ජාතකය, , , Chullasetti Jathaka, Cullasetti Jathaka, , , , ,   

    Chullasetti Jataka 004 

    චුල්ලසෙඨි ජාතකය – සිංහල පරිවර්තනය ඉංග්‍රිසි කොටස අවසානයේ..

    Once on a time when Brahmadatta was reigning in Benares in Kasi, the Bodhisatta was born into the Treasurer’s family, and growing up, was made Treasurer, being called Treasurer Little. A wise and clever man was he, with a keen eye for signs and omens. One day on his way to wait upon the king, he came on a dead mouse lying on the road; and, taking note of the position of the stars at that moment, he said, “Any decent young fellow with his wits about him has only to pick that mouse up, and he might start a business and keep a wife.”

    His words were overheard by (More …)

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    Tags: , , සේරිවාණිජ ජාතකය, , , , , , Serivanija Jathaka   

    Serivanija Jataka 003 

    සේරිවාණිජ ජාතකය – සිංහල පරිවර්තනය ඉංග්‍රිසි කොටස අවසානයේ..

    Once on a time in the kingdom of Seri, five aeons ago, the Bodhisatta dealt in pots and pans, and was called ‘the Serivan.’ In the company of another dealer in the same wares, a greedy fellow who was also known as ‘the Serivan,’ he came across the river Telavaha and entered the city of Andhapura. Apportioning the streets between the two of them, he set about hawking his wares round the streets of his district, and the other did the same in his district.

    Now in that city there was a (More …)

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    Tags: , , වණ්ණුපත ජාතකය, , , , , , Vannupatha Jathaka   

    Vannupatha Jataka 002 

    වණ්ණුපත ජාතකය  – සිංහල පරිවර්තනය ඉංග්‍රිසි කොටස අවසානයේ..

    Once a time when Brahmadatta was king in Benares in Kasi the Bodhisatta was born into a trader’s family. When he was grown up, he used to travel about trading with 500 carts. On one occasion he came to a sandy wilderness sixty leagues across, the send of which was so fine that, when grasped, it slipped through the fingers of the closed fist. As soon as the sun got up, it grew as hot as a bed of charcoal-embers and nobody could walk upon it.

    Accordingly, those traversing it used to take fire-wood, water, oil, rice and so forth on their carts, and only traveled by night. At dawn they used to range their carts in a circle to form a laager, with an – awning spread overhead, and after an early meal used to sit in the shade all the day long. When the sun went down, they had their evening meal; and, so soon as the ground became cool, they used to yoke their carts and move forward. Traveling on this desert was like voyaging over the sea; a ‘desert-pilot,’ as he was called, had to convoy them over by knowledge of the stars. And this was the way in which our merchant was now traveling that wilderness.

    When he had only some seven more (More …)

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    Tags: Apanaka Jathaka, Apannaka Jathaka, අපණ්ණක ජාතකය, අපන්නක ජාතකය, , , , , , ,   

    Apannaka Jathaka 001 

    අපණ්ණක ජාතකය – සිංහල පරිවර්තනය ඉංග්‍රිසි කොටස අවසානයේ..

    Once on a time in the city of Benares in the Kasi country there was a king named Brahmadatta. In those days the Bodhisatta was born into a merchant’s family, and growing up in due course, used to journey about trading with five hundred carts, traveling now from east to west and now from west to east. There was also at Benares another young merchant, a stupid blockhead, lacking resource.

    Now at the time of our story the Bodhisatta had loaded five hundred carts with costly wares of Benares and had got them all ready to start, And so had the foolish young merchant too. Thought the Bodhisatta, “If this foolish young merchant keeps me company all along, and the thousand carts travel along together, it will be too much for the road; it will be a hard matter to get wood, water, and so forth for the men, or grass for the oxen. Either he or I must go on first.”

    So he sent for the other and laid (More …)

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    Tags: , Clergy, , Papacy, Pope Benedict retirement, , Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, , Pope Francis death, Pope Francis retirement, Pope Francis retiring, Pope Francis speech, ,   

    Pope Francis speaks about his own death 

    Pope Francis has spoken publicly about the prospect of his own death for the first time, giving himself ‘two or three years’ before he meets his maker.

    In a press conference aboard his jet as he returned from a trip to South Korea, Francis also mentioned the possibility of retiring from the Papacy if he felt he could no longer perform his duties.

    His predecessor, Benedict XVI stepped down last year, an almost-unprecedented move that opened the way for Francis’s accession to the Papal throne.

    ‘I see it as the generosity of the people of God. I try to think (More …)

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    Tags: , , devadaththa, devadatta, dewadaththa, dewadatta, Dhammapada, Dhammapada stories, Last days of Devadatta, , , religious stories   

    Last days of Devadatta 

    17th Stanza – Dhammapada in detail – Book 01

    “One who committed sins has to repent”

    We already have a fair amount of information regarding Devadatta. We feel sorry even when we think of how the life of this unfortunate person got filled with sins. Even though he met the Buddha, became a monk, developed concentration, reached the level of being able to perform miracles, he failed to achieve the fortune of understanding life. He lost all the merits that were in him. You have learned how his hatred originated. Devadatta’s hatred was a peculiar one. It was a distorted desire. There was no limit to vengeance. He was not satisfied by just conspiring against the Lord Buddha, but also dreamed to see the destruction of the Lord Buddha. Like a blind man striking his head against a rock, he tried hard to destroy the Lord Buddha.

    At one time, he sent about thirty armed men from (More …)

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    Tags: , Catholic News Service, , , , Pope Francis to visit Philippines, Pope Francis to visit South Korea, Pope Francis to visit Sri Lanka, Roman Catholic Church, The Vatican press office, top ten tips for a happy, victims of Typhoon Haiyan, Viva   

    The top ten tips for a happy life by Pope Francis 

    Pope Francis has issued his top ten tips for a happy life. His advice includes turning off your television, not converting people to your religion and spending Sundays with family.

    In an interview published in part in the Argentine weekly ‘Viva’ July 27, the unconventional pontiff, listed his lifestyle guide.

    Highlights include ‘Even though many parents work long hours, they must set aside time to play with their children; work schedules make it ‘complicated, but you must do it,’ according to a Catholic News Service translation of the interview.

    Pope Francis also says ‘Needing to talk badly about others indicates low self-esteem’ and warns that if young people ‘have no opportunities they will get into drugs’.

    As well as calling for people to be generous, he also urges (More …)

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    Tags: Archbishop of Canterbury, , , Former Archbishop, Former Archbishop of Canterbury, , Lord Williams, Rowan Williams, rowan Williams practise Buddhism   

    Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams reveals how Buddhism helps his pray 

    Former Archbishop of Canterbury reveals intense daily meditation ritual influenced by Buddhism and Orthodox mysticism

    The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Williams has disclosed that he spends up to 40 minutes a day squatting and repeating an Eastern Orthodox prayer while performing breathing exercises as part of a routine influenced by Buddhism.

    He also spends time pacing slowly and repeatedly prostrating himself as part of an intense early morning ritual of silent meditation and prayer.

    The normally private former Archbishop (More …)

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    Tags: , , , Five Precepts, , learn buddhism, pancha seela, pancha sheela, panchaseela, pansil, The Five Precepts of Buddhism, wesak poya,   

    The Five Precepts of Buddhism 

    It must be asserted that the Pancha Sila (Five Precepts) do not necessarily make a person a Buddhist, but to be a real Buddhist, one has to observe the five precepts. This poses the question, “who is a Buddhist?” The simplest answer is, a Buddhist is one who takes refuge in the “Triple Gem” (Tissrana), namely the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

    There are many analogies personifying these Refuges, such as :
    The Buddha – The perfect physician for all mental disorders
    The Dhamma – The unfailing and universal panacea
    The Sangha – The model nurse

    The Triple Gem is also described as follows:
    The Buddha – The acme of universal wisdom
    The Dhamma – The perfect code of discipline
    The Sangha – The exemplary model for a layman

    The entire Dhamma rests on three (More …)

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