Snow falls on Egypt Pyramids in 112 years

Snow falls on Egypt Pyramids (1)The snow that has blanketed much of the Middle East turned Cairo white on Friday – with local news reports claiming it was Egypt’s capital’s first snowfall in 112 years.

The city averages less than an inch of rain each year, and hundreds stopped their walk to work or school to snap pictures of the falling flakes, tweeting their delights.

Snow in Egypt ! How bizarre. Doesn’t happen often as you can see. There probably isn’t anyone alive from the last time it happened. Global cooling is probably more accurate no?



  1. No, global cooling is not more accurate. Climate patterns are shifting all around the world due to melting ice caps. Expect more strange weather across the globe. Also, for fun, try skiing in the Sierra mountains in California right now. It is currently the warmest it has been there in a long, long time.

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