The Importance of Medin Poya

It was on the Medin Full Moon Day, the Blessed one, along with a retinue of about 20,000 disciples’ trecked from Veluwanaramaya, Rajagriha, to Kimbulwathpura to meet his father, king Suddodhana, relatives and friends of the Sakhya Clan (a tribe dwelling in Northern India, in which Gotama or Sakyamuni Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha).

It can be said that the main theme of Medin Poya, deals with the Buddha’s journey from Rajagriha to Kimbulwathpura, seven years after this Abhiniskaramanaya to meet the relatives.

It was on this occasion, King Suddhodhana, Worshipped his beloved son Siddhartha Gautama Buddha for the third time. There- after all the other Princes, Princesses, Nobles worshiped the Buddha. The Buddha expounded the Vessanthara Jathakaya to the multitude.

This poya signifies the love and brotherhood and it was also on a Medin poya day that prince Rahula entered the Buddha Sasana.


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