Skyrocketing prices of essential food items

Consumers are feeling the pinch due to skyrocketing prices of essential food. Prices of items like vegetables, sugar and flour-based products have increased considerably, leaving people struggling to cope.

It is reliably understood that the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) is also planning to raise prices of milk food within the next fortnight.

Several traders said that the kilo of sugar is now three rupees costlier due to rising work market prices. It is sold between Rs. 90 and 95.

Several importers of milk food have asked the CAA to permit them to increase prices by between Rs. 20 and Rs.40. This relates to all milk products in the 400g category.

Meanwhile, the price of a coconut also has increased in the market. Coconuts are sold between Rs. 35 and 45 a nut.
For the fourth time this year, the All-Island Bakery Owners Association(AIBOA) increased the price of a 450g loaf of bread by three rupees.

The AIBOA maintained that they were compelled to increase prices due to the Prima Company having raised the price of a kilo of wheat flour by 8.33 rupees.

The price of a kilo of wheat flour in the open market currently ranges between Rs 82 to 85 . It is the estate workers who are mostly affected by such price hikes.

Meanwhile, the price of an egg in the market is Rs 15 to 16, though the ministry of cooperatives and internal trade insists that all egg prices had come down. Vegetable prices too have risen considerably in comparison to other food items.

The following prices of a kilogram of vegetables were displayed at several markets.

Cabbage – Rs 50 to 70 rupees; beans – Rs 110; leeks – Rs 80; beet root – Rs 80; tomatoes Rs 85; capsicum – Rs 80; raddish- Rs 30; knolkhol – Rs 50; potatoes – Rs 85; ribbed gourd (loofah) – Rs 70; bitter gourd -Rs 80; brinjals – Rs 60; and green chillies – 130 rupees.

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