CID raids undeclared 60 million worth jewelery of kothalawala

The Criminal Investigation Department recovered gold, gems and jewelery, estimated to be worth about Rs. 60 million deposited by Lalith kothalawala and his wife, at a State-owned bank.

Police spokesman Prishantha Jayakody told that investigators had contacted the bank following information that the Kkothalawalas maintained undeclared safe deposit vaults at banks. Another official pointed out that the police could have made the detection earlier had kothalawala secreted the gold at a private financial institute.

The Kotelawelas are under investigation over the collapse of the Golden Key credit card company and a range of alleged fraudulent financial transactions. Mrs. kothalawala is evading arrest.

Sources said that kothalawala would be questioned regarding this recovery. Sources said though he was a business tycoon who had utmost faith in the private sector he had chosen a State bank to deposit his valuables with.


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