MPs to get Duty free vehicle permits to serve public

Bookmark MPs to get Duty free vehicle permits to serve public

Sri Lanka’s Parliamentary Affairs Ministry is to seek Cabinet approval for the issuance of duty free vehicle permits to parliamentarians. Minister Sumeda G. Jayasena has said that she would consult other party leaders in parliament before taking a decision on this matter.

Members of Parliament who had completed five years in parliament would be entitled to this benefit, along with those who had elected to the House for the first time without representing any Provincial Council earlier.

Jayasena has reportedly said the provincial council members who were elected to Parliament this time would not be given this facility since they had got it earlier through their provincial councils.

The Minister said the Cabinet Memorandum had been prepared for this purpose and it would be presented to the Cabinet meeting next week.

“All the MPs aspiring to get these permits. however, will work according to a criteria only,” he said.

Asked about housing rents for the Ministers, she said that each Minister is entitled to a monthly housing rent of Rs. 50,000.


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