Sirasa head office attacked by a mob

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An armed group believed to be associated with a Deputy Minister attacked the MTV/MBC office at Braybrooke Place a short while ago severely damaging the place, an MBC official told to the news reporters.

The staff of the Sirasa office also had retaliated with using the stones used by the mob forcing the attackers to withdraw. However they continued the attack from outside the building until the police arrived.  Police have arrested a dozen of persons involved in the attack.

Several employees and vehicles were also damaged in the attack. Members of the Special Task Force and the police have been deployed outside the premises.

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9 thoughts on “Sirasa head office attacked by a mob

  1. For how long can we tolerate this nonsense? It has already been going on for half a decade.

    And, let me make this prediction. Nobody will ever be punished for this crime after proper judicial proceedings.

    Of course, some chaps may be produced before court, remanded and then released after some time and the chapter will be closed.

    I am told Zimbabwe Police do a better job than our Police in similar situations.

  2. This must be done by Mervin Silva. That’s why a Kelaniya bus came.This guy should be chased away using the election and if not things would be more serious than this in future.

    • Yaspeta,

      Are you sure? If this guy is chased away, can’t they have another guy in his place?

      Chasing this guy away is not the remedy, my friend. 🙂

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