Champika launch his Web in style

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Patali Champika Ranawaka, Cabinet minister of environment and natural resources launched his official web site today (2010/01/30).

With the participation of Uruwarige Wannila Etto (the chieftain of the aborigines of Sri Lanka) as the chief guest, Minister Ranawaka given the first visit to the site in Kumana National Park. thats why we call this web site launching was done in his style to suite his interests & ministerial portfolio. is the web site URL of his official site and its available in 3 languages (sinhala, English & Tamil).  This web site only only included the videos and photos of his events but also viewer can download books and Article witten by Mr Ranawaka.

To know the details about his events, biography, vision anf etc, visit the newly launched web site of minister champika Ranawaka.