I’ll be Back, General Sarath Fonseka

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More than five million people expressed their confidence in him and to fulfill their trust and aspirations he would contest the general election says Gen. Sarath Fonseka.

Speaking at a press conference convened at his residence yesterday (28th) night Gen. Fonseka said, “I definitely know that more than five million people had trust in me and cast their votes for me. We had this confirmed before the results were out. However, the public opinion was plundered in the most corrupt and deceitful manner.

The confidence masses in this country had in me has not changed. I expect to protect this confidence people have in me and carry out my duty towards the Motherland in the future. I expect to contest at the upcoming general election as my gratitude for the confidence and trust masses in the country have towards me.

Responding to a question posed by a journalist Gen. Fonseka said, “Now everybody knows the swan. Everyone is looking for the swan. They have confidence in the swan. Hence, I would contest the general election with the swan as my symbol.”