Presidential Election Results

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Island wide Final Result of the Presidential Election 2010

Candidate Total Votes Percentage
Mahinda rajapaksa 6,015,934 57.88%
Sarath Fonseka
Lead (MR) 1,842,749

Number of Valid Votes received by that Candidate over the above such one-half of the valid votes –  819,127

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  1. NEWS: General Fonseka and team are in Trans Asia which is surrounded by military now and Gotabya R is threatening EC to give false results!!

    Gen Fonseka has won the real elections!

    Sri Lankans – get together, WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS

    @billgates and all other SF supporters: if we want to save our country we must get out now

    MR supprter..if you love your children to come then accept that this is wrong

    please dont use filth cos that means ur nothing but a animal

  2. NEWS: General Fonseka and team are in Trans Asia which is surrounded by military now and Gotabya R is threatening EC to give false results!!

    Gen Fonseka has won the real elections!

    Sri Lankans – get together, WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS

    @billgates and all other SF supporters: if we want to save our country we must get out now

    MR supprter..if you love your children to come then accept that this is wrong

    please dont use filth cos that means ur nothing but a animal

  3. We can’t trust anything from the people who gave money to the LTTE to stop the Tamils from voting. This election was rigged from the begining the posters, cut outs, false charges, the bombs on election day. And the results are maintaining the same percentage against SF.

  4. Previous election I saw the percentage drop below 50% for both candidates. This time MR’s have managed to keep +/-2, 60% after every polling division. And why is the opposition candidate under house arrest? Where is the election commissioner? What have happened to the opposition voices? Security for the Media is only a ploy. The pro government ones to be protected from any attack and the others to be stopped for aiding any riots. Why is the Central road (Colombo 13) water tank being protected by 2 navy personel and 2 police officers. I have never seen that before. This was all planned. The results will be for MR. Arrest the opposing candidates and the voices behind him till the people forget the election heat. Meanwhile the media will celebrate the victory and say how free and fair it was.
    I am only one. But I know there are others who have the same questions.

      • The opposition has been abandoned by the media. Even Sirasa fearing attacks have backed away from reporting the events as it happened. Wasn’t it unnerving to see Sirasa which is so vocal and innovative in reporting was confined to the station on the day after the election? They focussed much of their time to showing movies and a game show to give away free shit. Talk about cloak and dagger.
        Even today lankaenews is blocked. But the web is our answer. We need a website that updates these events as it happens. Not letting the forums be a place to share news.

  5. Yes Thomas, I agree with you. In earlier elections, I have seen election commissioner holding press conferences about the progress of the counting and so on. this time nobody from the election dept report any progress…we only get to hear the results!! this is so suspicious adding to the other parallel incidents! we need to act to find the truth…

  6. our country has become another on the long list of dictators in the world..

    i wish we had leaders or a movement who wil lead the people who oppose this atrocity to the streets!

    we cannot watch this in silence…

    This is truly a sad day for our future

  7. just got news from a reliable source that the election commissioner has been held house arrest…basil is in command at the election office..according to the news SF has won convincingly.. also SIRASA and Swarnawahini crew has been placed on house arrest.. please note that the presenters are working from yesterday. all the media has been driven from the election department and there has been no live program from election office since last night…await more news…

  8. this is exactly what we heard too..apparently SF has won 14 districts and MR only 9. The EC is under house arrest and the results are being halved to achieve a 60- 40 % in each election outcome..

    the news isnt coming through because the media is under threat and sirasa offices have been compromised,,

    there is talk of people startng to get out to the streets

  9. Please note the scared look in the Pubudu (the presenter ) in swarnawahini…shes the one who was working in the election department last nite and she was driven away…look carefully at the subtle body language of all the media artists..await more news. The source cant use mobile phones as the signals are being jammed in the area of communication also…thats why there is not news from SF and the opposition.. there are a drama to be staged (bloody one) in transasia soon…await more news..

  10. Please stop bullshit. Look at the displaced mothafuckers’ votes. All with SF. Why? That LTTE supportive TNA with SF. For what? To get their fucking dream, false dream, TAMIL EELAM. I’m not racist. But if you’re SF supportive, you support terrorism… Which MR defeated months ago. Remember assholes? Everybody in Sri Lanka sided with MR on May 19, 2009 after the motherfucker, butcher died. So why you support the same Tamil son of a bitches. You’re whores. Stop slutty work. Calm down, think what an asshole you are. And the other sluts are JVP. They are gay. Terrorists like LTTE motherfuckers. Do not do anything to break peace in this country please. A world is watching. Don’t do anything stupid. Just watch the scene on TV. Never go out. Bye.

    • Man you’re are really messed up. To begin with what did MR say soon after the war that we’re all Sri Lankans. So when some Sri Lankans support the opposition candidate why do you bring out the minority/race card. Are you a racist? Do you want to just kick the minorities out of the way of the Singhalese? Which is your stand. Are we all Sri Lankans or there are minorities?

      Not All Tamils are LTTE supporters. They were oppressed by the LTTE too. Do they have equal rights to do a simple thing like making a complaint at a police station, at least in Colombo? The answer is no. They have to be able to read Singhala to sign it.
      You forgot to mention the bombs that went off in Jaffna on the day of the election. That must be Sri Lankan peace? Don’t do anything to break the peace in this country my ass.

  11. Dear all
    we are under 17 years in UNP govt.& 10 years in Chandrika govt.. no one give direct, strong leadership to solve this 30 years war, do u know that IMF cancelled the loan & cancelled GST+ to stop the war.but Mahinda faced directly to the International authority. he appointed Sarath Fonseka, he give the power, he extend the service, he promote him. but?

    Business community interest the UNP government, but the history says that UNP leader ship should move to Sachth Premadasa. same time the cross economic policies of UNP and JVP never match with the current trend.

    srilanka are best tourist designation in Asia. i believed more tourist arrivals to SL than Maldives.
    Tourist board and Aiken Spence hotel chain start new hotel in Nilaweli, in the same time new highway system
    save the money & time of the tourist travels. that was the major infrastructure to develop country
    in the same time large projects of the country like Air port,harber, electricity, new highway,will increase the level of service and job oppurnuities.

    as we aware that, the essential price of goods are increase than expected level, that was happen higher demand . price can be reduce after import of goods and deliver throu Satosa. after sold out satosa by Ravi karunanayaka(UNP). there is no any sucha a chain.present govt. reopening the satosa.

    you should reimber one thing more. last govet’s are pritisied the government instuties and authorities, finally they are touthching to privatize BOC bank and Peoples bank. in the current govt. they never try to sold it out. as a result today both bank take the The finance, Asian Finance,Sinhaputhra Finance, Seylan bank. finally they take over privet bank and keep the confidence of depositors.

    another important factor to be remind, we also face the deadly tsunami and economy was hit by terrorist , in the same time we face to Economies crises

    personally i thanks the people who love there country and vote to Mahinda Rajapaksha. we are the best in the world. we archive highest market turnover in stock exchange. one time it exceed the London stock exchange. we also nominated to second income generating country.


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