CID seeks warrant to search Ranil’s office, Court rejects

Bookmark CID seeks warrant to search Ranil’s office, Court rejects

The Colombo Magistrates court today refused to grant a search warrant requested by the Criminal Investigations Department to search UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe’s office and the Biyagama press of Wijeya Newspapers.

IP Chandana of the CID filing a report before the Colombo Additional Magistrate Chandani Meegoda submitted that the IGP had complained to the Director of the CID about the printing of defamatory literature and stacking of Posters and hand bill at the Wijeya newspapers printing press at Biyagama and hiding XLR fire arms to use against the government at Ranil Wickremesingha’s office.

The magistrate observed that the police had not produced any poster hand bill or T-shirt to prove the allegation. from dailymirror


2 Replies to “CID seeks warrant to search Ranil’s office, Court rejects”

  1. If the search warrant was allowed, the police could have detected loads and loads of illegal arms, ammunitions, literature, etc. 🙂

    What joke this is? 🙂
    Mea mona vihiluwakda?

    Anyway, the police created some sensational news at the last moment. I cannot understand why they waited all this time.

    Namuth eka athe pattu una neda? Didn’t it backfire?

  2. Bayata mewa karan ne ,its same mr ta one aliyawa kambas karan na ,aliya maranna lesiyen beha neda?? bulath kole pagala podi karan na lesiyen puluwan ne da,? thats is the truth

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