Beware! You are watching 1994 rallies of Chandrika

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Presidential Senior Advisor and the Campaign Organizer Basil Rajapakse has ordered rally organizers not to permit any of the media institutions to cover the rallies in the event that those rallies are with poor attendance and instructed the Presidential Media Unit to cover such rallies and provide edited versions of the rallies coverage to media institutions.

According to these instructions, the first such event covered by the Presidential Media Unit was the rally held at Maligapitiya Grounds in Kurunegala and the Presidential Media Unit provided recorded (and edited) version of the coverage to the media institutions.

However, technical drawbacks in the process of editing have revealed that the Presidential Media Unit has used video clips of 1994 Presidential Election rallies of Chandrika Kumaratunga and this has aroused suspicions amongst the media institutions as to the authenticity of the coverage of the event.

Therefore, some of the private media institutions are now showing a banner statement on television screens to the effect that the video clips of the coverage are provided by the Presidential Media Unit (click the picture to zoom) in large, bold letters.