Major split in JHU, force to support General Fonseka

Bookmark Major split in JHU, force to support General Fonseka

Several executive committee members of the JHU expressed solidarity with common Presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka creating a major split in the party Nine executive committee members and three non execrative members of the JHU joined forces with the General.

The executive committee members who expressed solidarity with the General are Ven. Galagodatte Gnanasara Thero (Secreatry, Jathika Sangha Sammelanaya), Ven. Udahamulle Sirivimala Thero (Leader, Kurunegala District), Ven. Kusala Thero (Deputy Financial Secretary), Ven. Migettuwatte Sumitta Thero (Bentara-Elpitiya organizer), Ven. Angunuwelle Jinanadha Thero (Kaduwela organizer),Ven. Mulatiyana Dhammasena Thero (Matara organizer), Ven. Dunuvila Vinitha Thero (Puttalam organizer), Ven. Ulapone Sumangala Thero (National Coordinator, Jathika Sangha Sammelanaya) and Ven. Aluthwewe Ananda Thero (Anamaduwa organizer)

The three non executive committee members are Ven. Vimalabudhdhi Thero (Leader, Ampara District), Ven. Urapola Premasiri Thero (Leader, Gampaha District) and Ven. Ellawela Thilekawansa Thero (Colombo Metropolitan organizer).

Sources reliably learns that several other JHU leaders are also in discussion with the General’s representatives to explore the possibilities of extending their support to the common candidate at the Presidential election. from lankanewsweb



  1. A very good news,i think the Monk,Moulavi,Kurukal all are must be do their job.they dont want to mix with political,just allow them to advice.

    we must destroy the JHU,Ulama Katchi and other like this parties

    thank you

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  3. nikan boru kiyanna epa pakayo. news nadda daanna ah? oya sippi katu salli deela gathata puluwan nam lead karana hakgedi 2, 3k aran pennapan. ara Musammil salli walata ganna hadapu news ko?

    ewath dapanko nikan me CURRUPT wecha SF ta puka denne nathuwa. ane huke. 😆

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