Ma Hinda Rata

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“Ma Hinda Rata” is a Cartoon Story of Corruptions.

The story consist of Corruption details, Progress of the the governing party & ministers, misuse of state resources and ect;

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    • In two weeks time,SF will win and this SF god will convert sri Lanka to a paradise.In that paradise there will be no corruption, no more inefficencies because these JVP & SF’s good-for-nothing crowd is going back to work, and there will not be any nepotism becase no generals will be able to awarded arms contracts to thier son-in-laws.Our TNA brothers are going to get thier eelam dream and everyone else is going to get a free land,Rs 10,000 raise and a killo of rice for Rs 30 and then everyone will live happily everafter…..

  1. What is Sarath Fonseka is Doing ?

    Listen to this tapes (mp3) , You can know
    Download MP3 and make a Audio CD/Cassette

    Listen to this tracks and decside
    Let us make people of our country win

    Language Sinhala
    Track 1 (29mins – 28 MB)
    [audio src="*z2bHJIUpmAvplSvkv6*FBj8pYvtWg2MoKBjMUkFKs_/sfaudiotrack1.mp3" /]

    Track 2 (29mins – 27 MB)
    [audio src="" /]

    Forward to Your Friends please!

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