Ma Hinda Rata

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“Ma Hinda Rata” is a Cartoon Story of Corruptions.

The story consist of Corruption details, Progress of the the governing party & ministers, misuse of state resources and ect;

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21 thoughts on “Ma Hinda Rata

  1. Down with the corrupt rajapakse’s. Enjoy their last few days of freedom before they are put behind bars or exiled

    • In two weeks time,SF will win and this SF god will convert sri Lanka to a paradise.In that paradise there will be no corruption, no more inefficencies because these JVP & SF’s good-for-nothing crowd is going back to work, and there will not be any nepotism becase no generals will be able to awarded arms contracts to thier son-in-laws.Our TNA brothers are going to get thier eelam dream and everyone else is going to get a free land,Rs 10,000 raise and a killo of rice for Rs 30 and then everyone will live happily everafter…..

  2. The download limit has been reached for this file. Please contact the sender and ask them to resend the file.

    The link you have clicked is not available.

  3. What is Sarath Fonseka is Doing ?

    Listen to this tapes (mp3) , You can know
    Download MP3 and make a Audio CD/Cassette

    Listen to this tracks and decside
    Let us make people of our country win

    Language Sinhala
    Track 1 (29mins – 28 MB)
    [audio src="*z2bHJIUpmAvplSvkv6*FBj8pYvtWg2MoKBjMUkFKs_/sfaudiotrack1.mp3" /]

    Track 2 (29mins – 27 MB)
    [audio src="" /]

    Forward to Your Friends please!

  4. Bettwe we restrict 6 years per 1 president. Otherwise they are playing hell. We have good experience with earlier ones. So better we send MR home and SF takes to the seat.

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