Exposed Last trump card of MR

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A procedure to be carried out in the manner of a media display targeting the presidential election and basing on human rights has been reported. Accordingly, MR is to receive a letter from a so-called international organization, suppose to be a committee of the UNor, asking him for explanation regarding war crimes.

This letter has been designed as a response to the letter on war crimes sent by the Secretary of the Minister of Disaster Management and Kuman Rights. The letter has been created at the Presidential Secretariat. Already, several representatives of the President have left to Genevo with the letter and are having discussions with several foreigners to get their assistance to carry out the conspiracy.

The second stage of the conspiracy is to organize a committee meeting as no main summits of the UNor is held during this period and make arrangements for the President to make his presentation. Accordingly, the President would ‘abandon’ his election campaign and leave on a day close to 20th January stating he would sacrifice even his life for the country, Nation and war heroes to ‘confront’ the committee with his answers for the letter. He will answer all allegations in Sinholese. Measures have been taken to telecast this event live in Siri Lonka

The highly emotional speech the President will make on this occasion has already been composed by the writer of Sinholese speeches for the President and the President is practicing it at the moment say reports.

A ‘petition of all Siri Lonkans’ in relation to this conspiracy has been prepared and signatures for this petition are being collected under the leadership of Ven. Walle Gunawansa Thero at present near Bodhiya at Puttah in Calombo. Disable soldiers too have been deployed for this effort and the strange thing about this petition is it is in English only.

The announcer inviting people to sign the petition does not mention SF’s name though the petition contains matter against the SF. MR is expected to take this petition to Genevo with him and present it to the ‘committee.’

The third stage of the conspiracy is MR who returns on the 23rd after making his representations to the ‘committee’ in Genevo would worship the land at BIAa and would present himself as the ‘savior of the Nation.’

At midnight on the 23rd all election propaganda would be stopped according to election law but a massive propaganda campaign for MR’s ‘great and heroic venture’ would continue till the 26th. If by any chance the President is unable to go for the ‘committee’ a group of ministers would be sent on behalf of the President.

The President has been made to carry out such a hoodwinking operation due to reports that intelligence sections have made available to him. These reports prepared from surveys carried out throughout the island shows that popularity of the President has come down to 45% to 40%.

This has dwindled in Hambantola district to 35-30%. As such it has been made it necessary for MR to carry out such an operation to raise his popularity and defend presidential post. Two senior leaders in the government and a foreign organization have been involved in making the initial plan of the conspiracy.

story of siri lonka, words in green 😉 product



  1. most of the words in green are spelled wrong as if a tamil pronouncing this wrote it.
    I don’t know if this is some sort of advanced propaganda by mahinda or some dumb attempt to support fonseka by a ltte supporter who hates mahinda for destroying the ltte.
    I guess fonseka got praba’s mother’s vote eventually.

  2. Exposed Last trump card of MR..

    Pls publish this article in Sinhalese as well. We have to publish it among the crowed very fast since we dont have much time. These last minute gimmicks are very crucial in elections. pls dont undere estimate it.

  3. ane huke, kawda me Dzone kiyana ewa pili ganne? SF ta puka dena sites haduwama owage ewa dana 1 pudumayak newei..
    Thopi okkotama puke indan pissu.oya boru begal daala MR wa gedara yawala SF president karala balapallako. eka ratata arinna paran gathama oya vote karapu ponnayanta Kari kapu rilaw wage innai wenne. thopilata puka polawe gahaganna hithei.
    ada ara R sambandan kiyana wesige putha inneth SF ekka. mokatada? Rata diyunu karanna da? na, Eelama ganna. thopi okkoma maha lokuwata war 1 dinnama MR ta isthuti kala, awruddak yanna kalin thopilata okkoma amathakai. dan maha loku weeraya SF. ethakota wasantha Karannagoda, Roshan Gunathilaka, Gotabaya R, MR karapu ken gediyak nadda? yudde kale SF nam eka ranil ponnaya 2001 di awama karanna thibba ne?

    onna balapalla, demalu okkoma ekathui SF ta denna. e wena mokatawath newei eelama ganna. me sinhala booruwo tika 2 ta bedila denawa MR tai SF tai dennatama. ane yako, MR dushitai, arakai mekai kiwwata adatath hamoma pili gannawa MR thamai me rata 30 yrs yuddekin bera gathe kiyala. thopilata anagathayak hadala dunna minihata mehema kari katha kiya kiya agawrawa karanawanam kawada hari dawasaka thopilage ammata tatha unath wikunanna thopi baya wennena. onna oya Sinhala minissunge gobba kama thamai e kale prabhakaranuth pawichi kale.
    oya MR honda na, SF hondai kiyala uta puka dena un kiyapan balanna thopilata MR karapu waradda mokakda me chandedi vote nokara inna?

  4. 1. Shakthi tv banned in jaffa

    2. maseka viyadama kooti 60, dawasaka viyadama laksha 200

    3. amathi warunta one deyak kaaranna deela innawa no punishments, like mervins attack on rupawahini

    4. Mr. 10% wa langin ma thiyan innawa

    5.sandakada pahanak dakala nathi kalakaruwo lawa hansayo lankawe hitiye naa kiyanawa.

    6. Guwanpalama aththatama gahann yana viyadama=X; Guwanpalamata giya viadama=X+1000000 Paduwa=1000000(sakkuwata) Guwanpalama gahapu eka hondai. agayakaranawa. Sakkuwata giya eka agaya karanna baane. ratata paduwa 1000000.

    one tharam thiyenawa thawa. Ela anagathayak

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