SLBC takes initial step to support General Fonseka

Bookmark SLBC takes initial step to support General Fonseka

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation or SLBC, the state running organization posted a positive article about Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka. Without giving any airtime to the other candidates specially to General sarath Fonseka, SLBC promoted its one and only candidate President Mahinda Rajapaksa. However this is a an article of SLBC Web site. is it the initial step?

” Mr. Sarath Fonseka says he will take steps to offer to the Sasana 2,600 novice Bikkus.

Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka says he will provide better facilities for the public by developing the country. He has planned to offer 2600 Samanera Bhikkus to the Buddha Sasana to mark the 260th anniversary of Lord Buddha’s birthday. 2,600 Temples in rural areas will also be developed. Mr. Fonseka pledges to implement a special programme to create a Buddhist revival in the island. He made these comments at a Buddhist ceremony held in Viharamaha Devi Park in Colombo yesterday with the participation of Maha Sangha to invoke blessing to him and the country. ”

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