Misuse Of Tharunyata Hetak Funds

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An initiative of Transparency International of Sri Lanka (TISL), the Programme for Protection of Public Resources (PPPR), notes that the governing party in its presidential election campaign has during December misused state resources amounting to millions of rupees.

The PPPR has stated that the Tharunyata Hetak youth organisation headed by the President’s sons Namal and Yoshitha has spent Rs. 89 million (Rs. 89,869,600) of sponsorship funds received from state institutions on advertisements to promote the President on TV and radio.

The report has also laid emphasis on the Tharunyata Hetak youth organisation, which is reportedly receiving high contributions (by way of sponsorships) from several public institutions such as Bank of Ceylon and National Lotteries Board, both of which fall under the purview of the President.

The key officials of this youth organisation are the President’s sons Namal Rajapaksa (chairman) and Yoshitha Rajapaksa (vice chairman)

“Total cost of the advertisements during this period, based on regular disclosed rate cards of the channels, amount to Rs. 84,027,600. We have observed that another amount of Rs. 5,842,000 has been spent on radio advertisements. We note that the cost of political commercials is more than the normal rates disclosed in the rate cards,” the report states.

Further there is an additional cost of production, which has not been ascertainable as at present.


19 thoughts on “Misuse Of Tharunyata Hetak Funds

  1. maluman

    Sri Lanka has never in its history had such a corrupt and criminal government as this. Mahinda makes Chandrika look like Mother Theresa. He has broken all records of corruption and nepotism. If he is given another 6 years, he will surely complete his mission of turning our great country into a failed state and dictatorship, and we will become the basket case of Asia.

  2. sashan

    ‘Tharunyata Hetak’ is now like a used condom, back when they were organising beach festivals and all, i didnt even know it was part of the SLFP! and now, they have got a new one ‘Nil Balakaya’.

  3. Yoshini Ratnayake

    Rajapakse family are bastards & mother fuckers. They are well off & poor people suffering in Sri Lanka. Rajitha, Wimal, Azwer, Fowzie, Alawi Mowlana, fucking Niyas (mother fucker) and others should drink rajapakse family members urine. Fuck you all!

  4. Witness

    @ Yoshini – I agree with other people u mentioned there, but u better spare Fowzie, coz he ain’t that bad. He has done alot to the country plus the good news is, there are plans of him coming to UNP. Inside Intel 🙂

    I always see this prick and his brother cruising the Ratmalana road to visit their mates. The amount of dough spent on their rides are countless, just imagine for the security n the guards the amount of dough cashed out, plus for the fuel aswell. The vehicles as follows –

    4 x Landrover Defenders
    2 x Honda Civics
    1 x Chrysler 300c
    1 x 7series BMW
    6 x Moto Cross Bikes

    Mind you people, all run on pure gasoline. And MR uses the choppers to election purposes. Hehehe big time busted on civilians dough. They should be definitely behind bars n removed citizenship as well.

  5. maluman

    @ Witness, I too heard about Fowzie crossover possibilities from inside intel. Also I heard from very reliable sources that Pilayan and Douglas Devananda are not pleased to support MR but are practically being forced too. Among other gossip, Thondaman is paid huge sums of money to support MR. That’s why his 3 senioor CWC deputies abandoned him- because it is so obvious the estate Tamils are unhappy but yet Thondaman continues to say that MR is doing a fantastic job in the area.

  6. Dilani

    Namal tied to fuck “Paba”. She didnt like him..There for she support to Mr.Sarath Fonseka….that is the truth…Thawath munta rata baradunnoth rate inna okkoma lassana kello unta denna wei..wadawasam yugayakata thamai yanna wenne..kalananni sakkiliyo pannala danna kale awith…

    1. Tony

      Is it true about Anarkelli-Mahinda-Namal trio? It seems the news of this to Shiranthi from Mangala is what made Mangala fall from grace. If you can call that grace. Mangala is happier now.

  7. Minister

    regarding fausi Genaral should not take cross over cos he dont need anyone he hs the peoples support and when he come to power he should hand pick good educated and good family backround people to contest to parliment. what did fausi do to muslims, i dont know if you guys know this story, there was a time rich muslims were asked to give big ransom and sometimes they are taken from the white van and after the ransom paid they are released under one condition they cant go to police, when these people went to fausi for help he only did was got a discount from the ransom and these poor people had to pay the money for there life, this is true, ,

  8. Rajapaksa's fucker

    Curse the whole 391 corrupted fuckers.Shame on them.Shame on all UNP jumpers to fuck MR with votes from poor UNPers.God will look in to these misuses very soon.

  9. Hulk

    What goes around Comes around. They will be punished for these causes. Mis using millions of tax payer money for their own purposes, while the poor are suffering. Time is high for believable Change!

  10. Samaya

    Cannot immagine how they can spend other peoples money. Oh .. thats what hey have always been doing from day one. Sory for the un educated people who are misled. When will this Rajapakse family ever think of any one buy their own wealth.
    Sad that Sri Lanka will never prosper with this type of people around.

  11. Nishantha

    Sham on them.Shame on MR and all his corrupted family and friends.People suffer immensely while these guys party with tax payers money.Shouldn’t they be punished publicly?.


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