Shakthi TV blocked in Jaffna by Government, Petition Filed

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MTV Channel (Pvt) Ltd. filed a petition before the Court of Appeal today challenging the orders issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to shut down the transmission of Shakthi TV in the Jaffna peninsula with immediate effect.

It complained that on January 1, it was informed by the officers manning the Jaffna station, that the signal of Shakthi TV on Channel 25 was being interrupted by another signal being transmitted on the same Channel. Upon inquiry, the petitioner learnt that the ITN was illegally broadcasting the test transmission “Vasantham” on the frequency (Channel 25) which was allocated/assigned to the petitioner company

It claims that it was in this atmosphere that the State run TV Channel namely Rupavahini Corporation officially launched the transmission of its Tamil language TV channel, Channel Eye. It alleged that on January 5, the TRC purportedly acting in violation of and contrary to, the established principles of natural justice and the rule of law, purported to direct the petitioner company to shut down the said transmission with immediate effect.

Shakthi TV is also the only Tamil Channel to broadcast on the airways over the peninsula. The MTV Channel (Pvt.) Ltd received a letter from the TRC on the 4th of this month to cease its Jaffna operations on UHF Channel 25.


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