General Fonseka presents Manifesto under “Believable change”

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Presidential election candidate General Sarath Fonseka presented his election manifesto a short while ago in Colombo. The General sets out ten points in his manifesto that was presented today, under the theme, ‘Believable Change’.

He noted that the time has come for such a change to take place.

According to the General, he is not a politician but a government servant by profession and does not belong to any party but is a Sri Lankan who is acceptable to all.

Following are the ten points in brief

1. Priority to be given to winning over peace by establishing democracy.

It will be done by abolishing the executive presidency that paves the way for a dictatorial rule.

The gigantic cabinet to be reduced, parliament dissolved and steps taken for a free and fair election to be held.

General Fonseka will serve the people as a president who is accountable to parliament and work relentlessly for the people.

2. A caretaker cabinet will be established under his leadership and new laws will be implemented to wipe out corruption and waste based on the conventions of the United Nations.

An institute will be established for this purpose and steps taken to take over ill-gotten wealth to the state.

An independent commissioner will be appointed to ensure that parliamentary traditions are maintained at the levels seen in developed countries and steps taken to maintain all traditions with regard to finance.

He will present his assets and liabilities annually to the people.

3. All families will be assisted and fertiliser subsidies granted by providing a bag of urea at Rs. 350 and by establishing an open market.

Rice millers mafia will be done away with an a certified price for rice established.

While estate employees’ salaries would be increased to 500 rupees a day, state employees’ salaries will be increased by Rs. 10,000 a month.

Furthermore, pension anomalies will be eradicated as well.

The obtaining of GSP Plus concession will be guaranteed and a committee appointed to solve the burning issues faced by the small and medium scale businessmen.

4. Excessive taxes on essential food will be taken off, while the prices of petrol, gas and other essential items will be reduced in line with the Supreme Court ruling.

Tax concessions will be granted to import spare parts for provate buses and three wheelers.

5.  All those who suffered due to the war will be assisted, while steps will be taken to develop those areas and measures taken to expedite resettlement activities.

The minimum grant given to families resettled will be increased to Rs. 100,000.

Speedy judicial measures will be taken against terrorist suspects who have bee arrested and steps taken to release and rehabilitate terror suspects as well.

The freedom required for everyone to practice their own religions and engage in their religious observances will be established.

6. Education and health will be uplifted.

An emergency in the Health Sector will be declared in th first month while putting a stop to the importation of low quality drugs and take steps to address epidemics through a national policy.

A fair mechanism will be established for admission into grade one of the schools and a special task fore set up to ensure that all areas are treated equally including the cities and the villages.

7. Rights of women will be ensured and within two months, an Act in this  regard will be presented.

8. Youth to be granted opportunities to gain employment, in order to serve the nation under a new concept.

While steps have been taken to provide vocational training in IT, a monthly sum of Rs. 2,000 will be granted during the training period to those engaged in it.

Steps have also been taken to grant a sum of Rs. 3,000 each month for degree holders who join this programme and mechanism established to grant jobs concurrent to this.

9. While the foundation will be laid to create a moral society, all barriers in place for the independence of the judiciary will be removed, whole an impartial and respectable police service will be established.

Furthermore, all police personnel will be given the opportunity to retire after 22 years of service and obtain a pension thereafter.

While investigations will be carried out into all abductions and murders, steps will be  taken to eradicate the underworld and armed gangs.

10. While he will endure national security, he will take steps  to modernise the security forces to meet the requirements of the 21st century.

Furthermore, welfare will be granted to all disabled forces personnel.

He has pledged to maintain cordial and friendly ties with all countries world over.

He has requested for an opportunity to be granted to establish democracy, wipe out corruption and ease the burden the people are faced with.

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9 thoughts on “General Fonseka presents Manifesto under “Believable change”

  1. I am sure not anyone in his or her right mind will take this manifesto seriously. It’s kind of embarrassing even to read it and it looks more like an essay written by a grade 6 student describing “What I will do if I become the president of Sri Lanka”.

    • This manifesto looks more like it has been taken from an essay written by Lala Kantha when he was in grade 5.

      I think I can do a a better job than Lal Kantha. See my suggestions for General below.

      I will unite the country.

      I will reduce the prices of essential items.

      I will stop corruption.

      I will develop the country.

      I will protect democracy.

      I will give rice for Rs 40.00

      I will 2 breads and a bun for Rs 10.00 for each family.

      I will give each family an LCD TV for Rs 1,000.00

      I will make public toilets more accessible.

      I will give everyone who votes for me a free supply of “PUNNAKU” for one year.

      • wow Pinguththara—>

        Finally you wrote 10 sentences.
        Now you were able to go ahead to the next class.

        At the same time, I suggest you to keep #10 for your diet…!!!

  2. And what has the manifesto of Mahinda done so far?
    His manifesto seems to only say that SL will be the land of the Rajapakshas with the hard earned money of the general public. Don’t talk about the war being over and that’s the greatest deal. It is with all resepect but hell! It was the responsibility of the leader. A leader doesn’t server and then say I’m done now treat me with all your hard earned assets. What did he ever do after the war? Make freaking fly overs. Why? Access who took all the cotracts gave a fair share to Mahinda too. We are not talking thousands my friend, we are talking millions! Haven’t we had enough of politicians? With Fonseka we know we are atleast voting for a man who was ready to go out and die for our mother land once.
    Peace to all. Hail SL.

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