Election Commissioner suspend 5 programs of Rapavahini

Bookmark Election Commissioner suspend 5 programs of Rapavahini

Election commissioner decided to suspend 5 programs which are telecasting on Rapavahini cooperation due to the violation of  Election law and the relevant parts of the Constitution ( Article 104 A and Article 104 5 A of the 17th amendment). As per the given criterion under the mentioned articles, Election commissioner observed the following programs are violating  the law.

Those are Yakshaweshaya(යක්ෂාවේෂය), Edegena Nema(ඇදගෙන නැම), Kibul Kandulu(කිඹුල් කඳුළු), Prawurthi Pasubima(ප්‍රවෘත්ති පසුබිම) & Vinivida(විනිවිද).

By using the given authority from Article 104 A, Election commissioner was formally informed this decision to the chairman of Rapavahini cooperation.



  1. Public Media shuld b in d nutral positn.. They cnt suport 2 anyone.. So ths s a gud decisn…
    They’v 2 ban ITN also…
    MR Thnkng tht all srilankns r fool..
    Ths s not lanka hospital or Transasia hotel 2 suport MR…

  2. So finaly he did it. This power was given to commisioner by Constitution for the purpose of ensuring free and fair election. According to Article 104B only Rupavahini & SLBC are bound by thes orders. Due to some odd reason ITN has been excluded. This is a good effort to prevent abuse of public property for their election purposes by the political party in power. Weldone Commissioner.

  3. actually Rupawahin coperation and state media acting onbhalf of govt needs, even no point to watching news. if you want to watch balance news its better to watch live @8 from Swarnawahini.
    we belived we need polititcal but what ever do there should be a democracy . recently the managing program of rupawahini will leads the reduce the intrest of wating of it.

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