Kiribathgoda attack and Mervin Silva

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listen to the voice reporting of swarnawahini very carefully. then you can understand the joke statement of the Minister !



  1. Sadacharaya gena katha karana mee harak moley thiyena wai ooora,Defence Minister MR continuing Dansela at Araliyagaha,IGP is the curse for sri lanka! if Sri lankan public vote for MR they will be giving morale to continue this type of thuggery …

  2. Even the President of this country cannot control this thug, his henchman who was chased away from south and tried to infiltrate Colombo Center where he lost the Election, Chandrika Mathiniyata danin wati ellegatha memberkama, dhan suddawo Kelanipurawaratha vinasai,
    Meke palanaya karaganna bari Lokka komomada Rate palanaya karanne?
    Me rate nondigagaha duwanne UNP eken panna aya nisai!
    Awasane Jhonnyath jack gahuwata me sere MR pansion yawamu.

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