Just open your files, says JVP

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Speaking to the politburo of the party, Tilvin Silva, General Secretary of JVP claimed the government has realized they don’t have as mush public support as they claim through media.

“Now the government is frightened” he said. “That is why they are attacking us fiercely. They are trying to destroy democracy. The arrest of Ven. Amila Thera is a clear indication of this”

K. D Lalkantha expressed ” You can see how frightened the government is. They are reducing the prices of certain commodities so much that it looks like a ‘sale’ is on. Why couldn’t they do this earlier? that is the question. petrol prices are down. People call it “Fonseka petrol”. there will soon be Fonseka gas, Fonseka rice and so on.”

Anurakumara Dissanayake said that the government has nothing to say about corruption. “there is no need to take any special steps to investigate allegations of corruption,” he said. “They only have to open their files and they will see enough evidence. As for the person who is shouting the most, remember there was once a speech made in parliament about how he cheated US$ 10 million in a Telecom transaction. The Hansard will tell you everything you need to know about this. One weekend paper said there allegations cannot be proved but there was a nice article on corruption in Lanka Logistics. I wonder if these editors don’t even read their own newspaper properly”