Fonseka’s Solutions for the Economic Posers

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Question No.1 out of 5
If elected what would be your priority for the economy?

On priorities:
Stamping out large scale corruption which will immediately increase Sri Lanka’s growth rate by 2 percentage points. Therefore my immediate priority will be to eliminate the cancer of corruption in economic management and redirect the resulting savings into urgent people-friendly development via both the public and private sectors. Unshackling market forces in a corrupt free people and investor friendly economy with the right amount of regulation will unleash Sri Lanka’s potential and boost economic growth and distribution of wealth leading to a better life for all Sri Lankans; not just for a select few.

Without a doubt the resources required to fight the war kept us from reaching our development potential. Ending the war however provided the golden opportunity for the government to release resources for development. But unfortunately these resources are now being amassed by a clan and a few sycophants hovering around the clan, leaving the masses to boil in the pan. The endemic corruption is continuing unabated

According to the Sri Lanka Economic Association President Professor A D V de S Indraratna, a respected economist and advisor to the Government, if not for corruption, “Sri Lanka’s growth rate would be raised by a further 2 percentage points without any further increase in the present rate of gross investment or productivity.” Applying this number to the latest available Central Bank figures, the loss of our country’s GDP for 2008 alone, is approximately Rs 300 billion. This is almost twice the current expenditure on defence or 30 times more than current expenditure for the Ministry of Higher Education for that year. Cumulatively, from 2005 to 2009, it has been estimated elsewhere, that corruption has denied the people a total sum of a staggering Rs 810 billion, a loss much bigger than the annual government revenue. Even though we won the LTTE war we are losing the economic war.

President Sarath Fonseka will prosecute the economic war the same way General Sarath Fonseka prosecuted the LTTE war by formulating winning strategies and appointing professionals and not political stooges.

As one of my first duties as President I will take steps to completely and once and for all eliminate the politicization of economic management that opens the doors for the massive corruption, nepotism, wastage and ego-boosting extravagance we see today. I will immediately legislate anti-corruption measures using emergency law. Within days I will reactivate and give teeth to the Commission to Investigate Bribery or Corruption and fast track legal action to severely punish those found guilty of bribery and corruption. Proceeds of corruption will be taken away.


11 thoughts on “Fonseka’s Solutions for the Economic Posers

  1. dharaka

    Not clear sir. Your first aim is to abolish ex. presidency. In that sense also, will you be the first person of the country? So what will be the position of that?
    Then clarify me what is the steps you are going to follow to achieve that target. (mechanism of abolishing ex, presidency..)

    1. Josappuwa

      @ Dharaka, His plan is clear to me and I know it’s bit confusing bcoz this is the first time we gonna experience a big constitutional change. Yes, he will abolish the Ex.Presidency powers but not the executive Presidency post. Remember executive Presidents are there in many countries inc. US but they don’t have unlimited powers like in SLkan executive Presidency. Then he will give those limitless powers to the Parliament and bring 17th amendment to the parliament which is approved by many politicians n political experts. For all these steps, he needs a 2/3 of power. Bcoz he has no party, we have to assume that he’ll get more than 2/3 (UNFP,JVP and UNP will vote for this bcoz their leader is not the president, if not they have to answer to the public for not helping to abolish this so called Disastrous one man show rule). Then in April we r going for a general election (Which is a must according to the constitution) and general public can select their government or MPs. So even Mahinda can be a Prime Minister. But President won’t be a ceremonial one like William Gopallawa. He’s getting few powers (Basically the ones that r good for the country) from 17th amendment which can be used to develop this country. He’ll be an independent person with no party and can take actions against corruption through the parliament. But the Governing parliament takes decision with the help of opposition. No more one man show. There’s a participation of all parties to work together. Hope u understood this.

    2. Jagath

      Wiping out corruption should start from your Son-in-law mr Fonseka. It also means you should also get automatically wiped out. We all know how you made your millions from arms deals.

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  3. Hiran

    Perfect. This is the solution all patriotic people should look for. This is ideal. If we can achive 60%, all citizens of the country will be winners. Everybody has to support a vision like this. Determination can go a long way.

  4. Samson

    I sense there could be a Sarath Fonseka drama 2 which starts if he and we are lucky to have him as president. Now we are seeing Drama 1. We need discipline in our country, it is not the executive presidency or any thing that has to be changed.

  5. Senator


    What you say is not the case. The 17th Amendment has already been passed in Parliament and is now part of the Constitution. SF only has to implement it. It is so easy. He can do it with one stroke of the pen. There is no need to seek Parliamentary approval.

  6. Azeez

    It is not only the implementing the 17th amendment.
    1. Striping of executive powers of the President
    2. Changing the elections sytems
    are also important expectations due from him

    1. Senator

      I was only replying Josappuwa re. 17th Amendment. Yes. For other matters, certain constitutional procedures should be followed.


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