General Sarath Fonseka Declares his Assets & Liabilities. What about President Mahinda?

Bookmark General Sarath Fonseka Declares his Assets & Liabilities. What about President Mahinda?

The common Candidate Gen. Sarath Fonseka declaring his assets said he has a bank account, two plots of bare lands, a house and a Mercedes Benz car. He also stated that his wife has four bank accounts and jewellery worth Rs 1,692,000.

Gen. Fonseka submitted a declaration of his assets when he handed over his nominations to the Commissioner of Elections on the 17th and made available submitted copies of his declaration to the general public including Maha Sangha at a ceremony in Kandy yesterday (17th) where he pledged that he would continue to declare his assets annually, if he wins the election.

According to assets declared by Gen. Fonseka his bank account has Rs 641,000. 88 while all his wife’s bank accounts have a total sum of Rs 23,307.47 and a deposit of US $ 2,952. In addition he owns a 15-perch plot of land in Piliyandala which has been mortgaged to the State Mortgage and Investment Bank to obtain a loan of which the current balance stands at Rs 75,694.00 said Gen. Fonseka.

Gen. Fonseka also stated that he had not received any pension yet. What about President Mahinda Rajapaksha? from lankatruth



  1. pissuda???? Mahindata pennanna deyak ne me mage kiyala….. paramparaawen awa buudale wiyadam karala iwarai ne Yuddeta…. (mokada eyalune yuddhe bara karata gaththe) Den ithin rajaye depala pariharanaya karanne…. rajaye bhandaagaraya vehicles wage ewa ithin aanduwen adareta ne deela thiyenne…. pennanna tharam wathkamak eyaata ne

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