Rare photos of Sarath Fonseka

Bookmark Rare photos of Sarath Fonseka

These are some photos of General Sarath Fonseka with his wife and the pet (dog). collected  from “Sarath Fonseka -Next Sri Lankan President” group of FaceBook



  1. Do all you people know what is SF?NO?????OK????(NO.1 Shutter Fuckup)( NO 2.S 4 SUCKER F 4 FUCKER) .Be good to your selves.Vote to a politician not a dictator(like MUSHR SF)SF is a probably a good genaral.BUT definitely not a good politician to run your country,and mine. COMMON BE WISE.

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  3. Guys, it seems like even though you’ll are not politicians, you people are trying to be like them… Jumping at each others throats… Hasn’t anyone told you violence is not the solution to a problem? Let the people who are running for presidency decide what is best… we keep our views to ourselves… we live in a democratic country and each person has their freedom of speech… we don’t need to start another WAR!!!!!!!!! If God wills, either SF or MR will be president… Just pray!

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