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dzgossipsCommon candidate – Ra-Blue summoned his blue eyed boys Vaj Abey and Aah-Killer to the terrace that is Cambridge. “You have to show that it is I who should be the common candidate. Take this message from the village level so that the alliance will be forced to field me,” Ra-Blue said.

Another Palace – Amidst a war ravaged peninsula in the north, coming up in style is a plush ‘palace.’ The plush abode on Fourth Cross Street, Jaffna is being put up by a one time cadre of the striped kind now turned politico. How the heck he managed to rustle up the necessary dough is anybody’s guess. Hmph!

Ra-Blue perturbed – Wedding Sam seemed happy, assuming that his common candidate plan was a success, but not Ra-Blue who is deeply perturbed as he would be unable to contest his third successive Prez election. Ra-Blue had told a close confidant that it was Sam who had made a mess of it
Divine Mercy – And the Gods we hear have been plagued by a whole new outfit of earthlings from paradise isle. Some of whom claim that their vows have all been met. And so last week not only was dear Fonny traipsing to the maha viharaya by kelaniya way but good ole Mangy too. To say thank you! to the deities for fulfilling his baraya. And the god’s have been showered with sweet smelling flowers and incense — the scents sure uplifting the heavens. Hmmm!

Another split – The Bell Party is set to experience another split, if the party decides to support the Elephant Party’s common candidate. Two senior members of the Bell Party politburo have already discussed the action they intend to take if Soome, the one-sa decides to join the party which killed thousands of Bell boys in the late 80s.

Travails Of Honesty – But that is not all. Dear Fonny boy has been house hunting this past month. A little bird whispers that the general having refrained from dipping his fingers into the till has his entire life lived in regimental housing. And never had the dough to buy or splurge on a super luxury abode. Sooo….. dear Fonny was hunting high and low in the run up to his early retirement to find a roof and a pillow where he could lay his head. Dear! Dear!

Jaffna rebels – The national alliance that is for Tamils too is facing a crisis situation. Tea-en-ae is unlikely to support the Elephant Party’s common candidate. “We have huge differences on various issues. If our leader wants to join, let him do so. But the majority will oppose such a move,” an Em Pee from Jaffna had said.

Brothers Three – All is not well in the Araliya Abode. The lady fair has been wagging her finger we hear at dearest hubby boy scolding him for having allowed the Fonny saga to ever occur. Just look over yon shoulder and thou will see who is responsible for all this stupid blunder…. She said – or words to that effect. The first lady we hear is non too pleased insisting the fall if it comes for the prez will be all because of the brotherhood! So there!

Es Bee-Ka-roo meeting Es Bee and Ka-roo, the suriya that is for victory met at a ‘neutral’ venue in Colombo last week to discuss the party’s plan for a common candidate and Wedding Sam’s role. The meeting lasted for nearly two hours and the duo agreed to continue the dialogue for the “betterment of their party”.

Sauce For The Goose – And the work to rule is applying even at the Araliya Abode. No sooner the clock strikes five ‘o p.m. tools are downed pronto and the working classes take off with nary a glance behind. Well… well… this sure is a grim foreboding of things to come eh? Not even the prez is spared from a work to rule. Alleluia!

Top Dog says
Paradise Isle has persons who are not stereotypes too. It was only last week that the Arrr Mee held its 60th birthday bash at the Bee Em Eye Cee Eitch. Lo and behold the larger than life cut outs one sees were all there sans General Fonny. Questioning the uniformed man in charge why not, he heard that famous phrase never before used on him “Orders from the top.” Hmmmm….he said. Oh Dear! Oh Dear!
Ignorence is bliss
General Fonny has too much time on his hands or so it seems to the Prez. So he was given an additional post. Secy of Games to fill in the balance time. ‘No can do’ said General Fonny. But wait…. that’s not the story. Big House the Ministering type when asked by the journos whether the General was appointed he said “maybe, I dont know. Must check with my ministry”…. Hmmm!
The People’s Choice
It was a grand meeting down Galla where the Prez was in attendance. The would be councillors came up the stage when announced to do so and greeted the Prez. It was enfant terrible Nee Shan Tha who received a standing ovation to the consternation of the Prez. By contrast Anar kella was greeted with hoots and whistles. Don’t fret dearie…they were wolf whistles….. we think
Going, Going Gone !
With over a century of ministering types its a small miracle that we the lesser paradisians keep our sanity. One of those lesser ministering types visiting the A Port was asked of the health of the bird that flies for paradise…Sreelankan. ‘Is it a going concern?’ asked the common man. ‘Going? Going concern?’ shouted the minister.Then pointing to a bird that is SreeLankan taking off he yelled, ‘There, there can you see? Going, Going concern, Huh?’