Gen. Fonseka’s resignation with immediate effect to prevent from a farewell ?

Bookmark Gen. Fonseka’s resignation with immediate effect to prevent from a farewell ?

sarathChief of Defence Staff General Sarath Fonseka is yet to get the formal response from President Mahinda Rajapaksa to his retirement letter and is still keen to remain in his post till the end of this month before relinquishing himself of his services by holding a farewell ceremony, sources close to the General told

Although the government announced yesterday that the President had accepted General Fonseka’s letter of retirement and had asked him to leave with immediate effect but  a formal letter responding to the issues raised in his letter has not yet been sent to the General nor has he been formally told to leave immediately.

Sources close to the General said that he is ready to retire even immediately if the President wants him to do so but has not got a formal directive so far. The source also said that forcing him to retire with immediate effect could be seen as an attempt to prevent him from holding a farewell ceremony. The General had earlier sought to retire from his post by the end of this month and had mentioned in his letter to the President whay he wants to leave.  from dailymirror


4 thoughts on “Gen. Fonseka’s resignation with immediate effect to prevent from a farewell ?

  1. The letter is in the mail. Please leave your position without betraying your master who helped you to achieve your success so far. Good bye.. we hope to never hear from you again.

  2. Shehani, you are Sri Lankan right? Who fought the war up there in the North? Who directed the troops of the Sri Lanka Army? Disgusting no doubt.

    • The real architect of the war is Mahinda Rajapaksha.. while Fonseka executed the late Gen.Kobbakaduwa’s military strategy plan in the comfort of an air conditioned room in Anuradapura command center.

      The real battle field hero’s were those whose made the ultimate sacrifice to the country. Not this Fonseka guy, ( who’s son-in-law made over 8 million dollars in arms deals) and living luxury life in the USA. How come this patriot hero got a green card in the USA? How come his tow daughters own two houses in Oklahoma,USA worth over 2.6 million dollars??

      • wow,shehani,you are absolutely right.It seems you’ve got real sinhala blood.WISE.never give up.while our soldiers fight for the country and having a little salary,this sf(so fool)bugger enjoying his luxurious life(as you know,and can see in the pohoto)what a coward?Im sure he is good for a dictator.If he win the ellection I want to get my blood changed(portuguese).

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