SMS instead of ringing tones from UNP Government, Ranil Wickramasinghe

Bookmark SMS instead of ringing tones from UNP Government, Ranil Wickramasinghe

ranil smsUNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe giving his views said his endeavour was to give the youth SMS’ instead of the ringing tone. He said the youth of this country have a responsibility. A majority possess mobile phones. They would like to secure jobs for these young men and women and convert the ringing into SMS’. He said the new front would be committed towards the youth.

However We already have SMS and Ringin Tone facilities. But the problem is, Ringin tones is the latest services when comparing with the SMS Facility. Is it mean ” UNP or UNF going back from Latest Technology” ?

The video of that Statement

from itnnews



  1. Good stuff. But, what do you mean by “Ringin tones is the latest services when comparing with the SMS Facility.”? You might be talking about Call-A-Tunes.

    However, he’s saying that the youth do not have money to call thus they give ringcuts. He’ll be able to provide at least the capacity of sending sms.

  2. @ Citizen – technically iname this service as PRBT. Personalized ring back tones. Mobile operators call it as “Ringin Tone”, ” Call-A-Tunes”, ” Hello Tunes”. thats the product name. so ringin tone is the correct word (also u used the same same product name. this is not about “Ring tone”.

    ya. he tried to say that. but used the wrong words as usually. he is a good person but not when speeching.

  3. Re: ITN Video – Again the goons are showing something else and trying to tarnish the whole concept.

    Truth is many used to ring and used to listen to ring in tone instead of calling the other party. This becoming a growing habit like miss calls. Reason is they cannot bare the cost of SMS even. He wants to change the society by making it a prosperous. Instead of listening to ring in tone then young ones can send a SMS at least.

  4. @ we must agree to this. Ranil have a mission. but his subordinates trying to show he is a weak person to get political advantages. same party. no one there to give him a good speech or correct his errors.

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