Dialog hiding the call details, but why?

Bookmark Dialog hiding the call details, but why?

blasterDialog Tekelom decided not provide the call details of Dialog to Dialog within the Blaster (post paid) Free Minutes with effect from last month bill. This is that notice,

“Notice for ‘Blaster’ package customers, Pls note that calls made within the free minutes (1000) on your Blaster package are not listed in your detailed bill. However, calls beyond the 1000 free minutes are displayed in this statement together with the details of all other chargeable transactions”

Let’s understand the Actual reason for these changes? Reduce the paper cost of billing?  People do not care about details (please note detail bill is providing only for the requested users via SMS or when purchasing) ? To provide a better service? No, Something behind this

When you purchasing a dialog post paid connection; they are clearly mentioning you are eligible for a Detail bill without any fee. Detail bill consist of Outgoing Call, Outgoing SMS, GPRS usages and other chargeable items. We call this as a “Rated bill”. From “Unrated bill”, you can obtain the unchangeable usages like incoming calls. But you have to pay Rs. 1000 to obtain it from Customer service outlet.

What about Blaster D to D 1000 free minutes? Chargeable item but up to 1000 minutes, dialog providing a 100% discount or adjustment. This should be categorizing as a “Rated Item” in your detail bill as per the above definition.
This is what dialog saying (official mail reply)
“Please be informed that the 1st 1000 minutes utilized for Dialog to Dialog calls will not be shown on the invoice as the necessary system changes have been done so for the entire Dialog customer base. However, if you wish to obtain these details, you will be required to visit a Dialog outlet and request for an ‘unrated’ invoice by making a payment of Rs. 1,000/- for each billing cycle. This amount would be refunded only if a dispute raised by you is proven true by our technical division”
As an example if have a problem with call charges and the call durations of D to D calls, you have to pay Rs. 1000 to get those details. To rectify your issue, you have to pay additional Rs. 1000. What’s the reason for charging Rs. 300 (blaster package) as the monthly rental or subscription? Dialog is not proving free airtime (talk time) as a charity service or even customer not paying that amount to recover the loss of dialog or as a donation. Monthly subscription (rental) including all the service charges which are providing free to the users (incoming calls, incoming SMS, detail bill, cost of sending bills and etc)
How ever they are ready to refund that Rs.1000 if they have any billing issue. If they have the problem (overcharged) from their end, how much they paying for you? How much they paying for your time? How much they paying for the cheating?
This is absolutely a problem of transparency. How can you trust that you will be getting that 1000 minutes free? Can you recheck it with call durations? No you can’t. I think now you can understand the reason behind this. Is this the way of lost recovering ? By Danuka Peiris

19 thoughts on “Dialog hiding the call details, but why?

  1. Hi,

    I don’t know watz happnin in Dialog. they r tryn to be smart by doin all the bulshits, don’t v hav rights to see our own dialed numbers,

    Have you checked your October 2009 bills? Call details of DXD will not be shown in our bills. How come and why is that? How do we exactly know the numbers that we’ve dialed out? What if there were calls made without our knowledge? Lot to think guys!!! (this is a comment made out by a person who knows about dialog very wel)

    this is a right of all the postpaid customers, they hav the right to demand for it. if they shut their mouth without telin anything for this, Dialog will start doin many more bulshits which effects the total customer base.

  2. Dear Customer of Dialog Per Second Blaster package.
    Many Questions’ arises on this matter.

    Don’t we (Customer) have rights know which numbers dialed in the Billing Cycle?

    As per Dialog “This amount would be refunded only if a dispute raised by you is proven true by our technical division” normally they have problem on their system so called “CCBS” this was designed by the Millennium. They had made for only for two million customers but now more than that, because of that billing issue is started not recently more 8 years. Still they have failed rectify this problem. But they say they are the Market Leader in Telecommunication.

    If a call dispute arise, they should provide the fully bill detail bill free of charge because the problems is on the Dialog site. Customer should not penalize for the Dialog’s fault.

    If Dialog saying they stopped detailed to serve the environment, it is total false statement. Because dialog CSR (Cooperate Social Responsibility) is just showing to the Sri Lanka we care nature. Actual situation is not that.

    We say You Decide

  3. Hey people..

    Dialog is correct in a way!! i think dey hav stated saying that all chargeable calls will be in you detail bill.(I remember teling dis to da customers wen i ws a CC agent dare) and i bet dis will be their answer!! 😉

    I guess at least checking thru da web wil be available!

  4. @ George – calls within 100o free mins also chargeable. but giving 100% discount or adjustment. in thats case they have to provide those details. thats what im trying to say

  5. Hi All,

    1. Dialog is not legally bound to produce a receipt or bill for non chargeable records.
    2. if one is certain that they have been billed incorrectly they could contact Dialog and inform (free of charge)
    Pay Rs1000 and get an unrated bill & if accurate the amount together with waiver fees + waivers for the inconvenience will be provided.

    So i agree with George and i think it is not fair to comment unfairly, after all if we don’t get charged for a product service why we we need a bill?????

  6. @ Shane – i think you know, dialog automatically deactivate the detail bill facility in to summary bill facility. but they have given the option the reactivate detail bill via sms. means, getting a detail bill coz you need it ( thats the reason for activate it).

    1. not legally bounded to provide a bill, but legally bounded to provide accurate details. if you have a billing issue, they have to provide those details without any charge.

    2. r u satisfying with that? do we have to call in each and every month to hotline to check our bill accuracy?

    also note you have to visit CS point to obtain a unrated bill.

    if you don’t care about your bill and your money, this is very fair. but most are complaining they are not getting that full 1000 mins ?

    As a rational consumer, you should ask/ request this because you paying for them.

  7. Hi All,

    I Think Detail bill means.. every detail.It doesn’t matter chargeable or Non Chargeable, as a customer we have the rights to fight with this… Contact me for further clarifications 772833165/4.
    I Worked for Dialog. Pass ma number to others as well.

  8. @ Dabbu Malik – you are 100% correct. details means every details. due to practical problems we can ignore incoming calls and smses. but D to D outgoing calls? never.. how can we recheck the accuracy of the bill without those details. if you not talk for this… in near future, you will be receiving a bill like this “Amount Rs.5000 and pay. if you have any prob with us pay additional Rs. 1000 too” lol

  9. remember the old times(few years back) that you have to pay to have a detailed bill.
    i think Dialog is calling that again.
    soon they will start charging for CLI too.
    1. Dialog is not legally bound to produce a receipt or bill for non chargeable records
    the 1000 mins are not totaly free. you pay 300+tax per month for that. that is the rental but you pay the rental to have such a service.
    so the customer who pays the monthly rental have a right to know about the 1000 mins call details.

    assume that you dont use this connection for any other purposes other than 1000 mins. so you pay 300/= for your 1000 mins. that comes to 0.30 per min.
    dont you have a right to know how did you use the 1000 mins??????????

    dialog is worst than a beggar now.

    is it possible to take action against them through Consumer Rights or TRC ?????????

  10. @ sira – Yes. dialog not providing a charity service. 1000min free means, dialog charging that usages from the monthly rental. otherwise 100 package also eligible for free minutes. you need to understand it

  11. @sira

    No point of complaining, do u think dat TRC dnt know abt dez??

    Dialog says FREE 1000 minutes!! Dat 300 is da monthly rental, u cant say dats for da 1000 minutes.
    & guyz no point of talkin abt dez nw, cz deyr nt gona change dis!

    @Danuka i hav a small idea,

    Dare hav been a problem in HSPA from da time dialog started it, It’s abt d FUP!

    My idea is, create a petition through ur blog, asking to increase the FUP to 8GB or 9GB! & make most of d HSPA users sign it with their HSPA account number, even if dey hav disconected their connection.

    we cant say fr sure dat Dialog will do it, But y dont v jst giv a try??

    Its jst ma idea k 😉 Notn serios!

    • * do you get 1000 mins if you dont pay 300/=
      * do you get any free mins in any other packages(100/=)
      * even TRC know that some one have to complaint then they will inquire about that and take necessary actoions.
      * dialog can say any thing (thats free or what ever) but they can’s violate consumer rights.

      i use the forces ML200 package. my free call details are not in the bill. since there are no limitations of calls between the group that is acceptable.
      but in BLASTER it is totally unfair.

  12. @ George – i have great a experience of using dialog mobile broadband. after 6GB, unable to login to any secure site and mail accounts. its like 6GB package, unable to call it as a unlimited pak.

    also 2990 (for normal customers. its too high. )

    but check the mobitel packages


    petition good for the company which thinking about their customers. dialog never reduced their packages or tariffs by considering the customer (at least loyalty or network stay). just reducing or modifying to survive. we all know that truth.

    what about requesting that type of package form mobitel or tigo (from new owner).

    dialog still in their overconfidence. they can understand it after they loosing their active customer base.

  13. @Sira i totly agree wit u, But jst think & c… Does Dialog say dat deyr charging dat 300 for da 1000 minutes??? & as a Dialog’s X employee havnt u herd dat dialog dosnt provide call details for wich u wer nt charged??

    How can v fight with dem fr dis?? It is a shitty thing wat dey have done, May be dey wana lose all their customers & clos down!

    & @Danuka

    Ya true… Mobitel’s packags a great! I’ve used their prepaid BB & dat ws way betta dan Dialog’s! But as of now dialog’s coverage is ok a bit, dey say dey give 1MBPS & customrz r geting aroung 800kbps! Wich is a great news fr all! (I’ve checked it wit ma frenz & il get u proof) So wat if dey increse their FUP??

    I hop all guyz stil hav d conection, disconected or conectd! Y did v pay somch fr?? 3000 deposit?? + connection charges!! Y dnt v explain d CEO abt dez??

    Wat if dey do it??

    Mobitel dosnt hav a unlimited pakag, & by dis tym if dialog givs us a good speed & a change in their FUP policy?? hw wil it b??

  14. @ george – their are so many issue in dialog bill. as a X employee, i can confirm it. as an example when discount and minus value applicable, total taxes calculating in wrong way. automatically connecting the services without requesting. unusually IDD charges FUP tagging issue and many more…

  15. I want to know what actually appears in a detailed bill.. like numbers which we send messages , received messages numbers, incoming calls,and outgoing calls !
    Thank u in advance

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