Sri Lanka seeks Interpol support to arrest Sicille Kotelawala

Bookmark Sri Lanka seeks Interpol support to arrest Sicille Kotelawala

rev-33The CID is looking into the possibility of arresting Sicille Kotelawala, wife of Lalith Kotelawala, and one of the main suspects in the Rs 26 billion Golden Key credit card fraud with the help of Interpol.

The Mt Lavinia Magistrate has already issued a warrant for her arrest. Court also ordered the controller of immigration and emigration to place Sicille Kotelawala under arrest the moment she enters the country.  Lawyers for Mrs Kotelawala informed Court that she was currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Singapore but did not disclose the nature of the illness nor produce medical certificates.

However Interpol has ignored an arrest warrant issued by Sri Lanka on Sicille Kotelawala. The Singapore branch of Interpol has informed SL police that no arrest can be made until she is convicted by a Sri Lankan court. According to laws and regulations governing Interpol, only convicted criminals and terrorists can be arrested. Sicille Kotelawala charged with financial fraud is only evading arrest.

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