What happened in Hikka 2009

Hikka-1Tourism Promotion Minister Faizer Mustapa says that there was no indecent behavior displayed at the recently concluded Hikkaduwa Beach Festival, in spite of pictures to the contrary depicting semi-nude women circulated in the media and  via email. in particular on the reports of semi-nudity the Minster said “It is a complete fabrication, it did not happen at the Hikka Festival”. He had explained that the Tourism Ministry had been very conscious of its responsibility to the country’s culture and heritage and that measures had been taken to ensure that no indecency prevailed during the course of the four-day extravaganza.

Not only by publishing the statement of the Minister, We (dzone) have decided to analyse the photos and the story behind this

Some photos published in web sites and circulated mails

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As per above pictures, Tigo, Elephant house, apple soda brands were sponsored to this event. But if you check the official web site of hikkafest 2009 (http://www.hikkafest.com/), these brands were not sponsored to the 2009 event.


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Its very clear Dialog was the official event partner, Yes FM was the media partner and Brand “Sprite” was the official beverage provider. That means these are not the pictures of Hikkafest 2009. It can be some pictures of previous year/years.

About Nude photos

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We can clearly see some foreigners with locals. May be, they are Sri Lankans or Asian origins. No evidences to prove it or refuse. Sometimes those pictures were captured from a beach party from Middle East country (like Dubai).

Watch the picture # 4 very carefully. As per Gossip Lanka (gossiplanka.blogspot.com), these showers are commonly using in Gulf countries but not able to see in Hikkaduwa.

Initiated Article of Divaina Online Edition


You can read the full article of Divaina by clicking the picture.

Divaina is a main newspaper in Sri Lanka and their online edition also in the top list of online newspapers. But they have reported this incident as a story without any evidences to prove their article. They should be more responsible when reporting this type of incident.

“Something happened” Yes, We believe it. But not as published in newspaper or circulated mails. Is this to get a political advantage or bemire? Who knows!

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