Strategies Review of Booming Sri Lankan Tourism

SriLanka_BeachSri Lanka has an opportunity to build a brand on tourism based on ‘values’. Our Strategy is about being different. Sri Lanka’s tourism industry needs a strategy (SWOT) to compete with other countries. Because Srilanka has its own verity like lovely sunny beach relaxation & tempting water sports, ecologically-wondrous types of forest, imposing mountains, bounteous rivers & waterfalls, an abundance of wildlife, inspiring heritage sites from ancient cities, Cultural values including arts, crafts & festivals, tourist attraction with Luxurious Ayurveda spa & best honeymoon packages.

Ministry of Tourism and Srilanka Tourist Board is committed to developing current & potential new markets trends. Its offers investors various attractive options for development of potential market and feasible trade support schemes, new business opportunities. Strategic infrastructure development, new product development plan has been implemented for the Tourism industry

touri2Its hopes to gain profitability through better yields. Because, Tourism is the fourth largest foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka, accounting for about 5% of its Gross Domestic Product. Sri Lanka’s total tourist arrival for 2004 was 566,202. The government has a target of receiving 1 million tourist arrivals by 2010.

Srilankan values are natural with it’s own cultural and human resources, Therefore make ensure optimum visitor experiences throughout the year .Hence in srilanka tourism industry expand it ‘s business s opportunities to tourist expenditure, this will expand the more opportunities for increase government expenditure on tourism . In the same time increase of foreign direct investment on projects, increase of  domestic airline revenues, increase of   passenger arrivals and departures, and the growth of  country’s hospitality markets, in future there is more demand for  local employment  market and  new business opportunities  like  Arugambay, Passikudah, Trincomalee ,Nilaveli.


“Strategies Review of Booming Sri Lankan Tourism”



12 thoughts on “Strategies Review of Booming Sri Lankan Tourism

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  2. Mandy

    Your article tells me (as a reader) how much Sri Lanka wants 2 achieve an increase in tourism buy it doesn’t offer me (as a tourist) security. For example: Who are the tourists? Not Sri Lankans but more likely… Europeans. People who want to see and experience something that their country does not have to offer but when we arrive in Sri Lanka, what is expected of us? I don’t know how to speak Sri Lankan, can the people there speak english? You need to stop talking about what Sri Lanka wants and start telling all readers who are deciding to go on a trip abroad, why they should come to Sri Lanka? Talk about things such as communication, accommodation and even give recommendations of where we could eat! This is what grabs my attention when I’m deciding where to go and I’m positive other people would agree.

  3. Suresh MABE-UK

    Dear Mandy
    Referring to the security of srilanka , city of colombo is safe as city of London.for more information about srilanka please go to the official web side of Srilanka tourist board and in the same time all the travel information is available from lonely planes publication and your travel consultant. for any tour arrangement(hotel ,accommodation,packages,prices)please contact srilanka tour operators. jet wing hotels chain, John Kheels hotel chain,Confifi Hotel Chain,Aiken spencs Hotel chain always available for you.
    people in srilnak are friendly people, they always ready to assist you. in the same time they are in a position to handle the english language very well.
    for any assist pls contact me without any hesitation.
    if you interest of any hotel in srilnak i will ask them to contact you.
    Thanking you

  4. Kolitha

    Yeh! strongly agree with Mandy.And i really admire What u hv done with this article.Cz you also one of great person who representing to talk abut that industry even from this much.But in next time give some better explanation.

  5. AJ

    Hi Mandy,

    I think you have misubderstood the article. This article is been written from an economic growth perception and it’s managerial decision that our tourism board has taken to enhance the tourism industry and get more revenue in to our country…

    Answering your question why tourist should come to Sri Lanka? now we restructured and redeveloped Sri Lanka tourism development authority, therefore we have developed a National Strategy for Sri Lankan Tourism. Through that tourist who planing to fly in to Sri Lanka will get the correct assistance and we’ll make sure the time that your spending in Sri Lanka would be worth while an unforgettable.

    And for your information, we Srilankans can speak English better than Englishmen.

  6. wajira

    Its clear most of the travelers still unknown of the srilanka. that’s true suresh you have to work heard to make them aware.

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