Tourism Ministry seeks new tagline from you

z_bus350The Tourism Ministry has, in newspaper advertisements appeared in last few day, sought ideas and proposals from the public to replace the “Sri Lanka Small Miracle” tag line which was used to promote the island as a tourist destination. Tourism Ministry had decided to replace the tag line, which had run into controversy as the President was not happy about it.  Before the ” Sri Lanka Small Miracle“, we used “A Land like no other” as the tagline to promote tourism.

If you wish to create a new tagline to promote tourism in Sri Lanka, post your tagline with a description as a comment. We can forward it to the ministry of tourism.


5 thoughts on “Tourism Ministry seeks new tagline from you

  1. “Seduced by nature” or “Naturally Seductive”

    Which could explain about the beauty of our nature and could reveal about the raw culture and values of our nation…

  2. 1.The tremendous island among them..
    2.Ceylon is the way of materializing …
    3.Arrival, for the tourism …
    4.You are receiving the blend of tourism…
    5.Reach to empirical city of the cosmic ..
    6.Your tourism is there …
    7.Here is The main product of tourism …
    8.Package can be given…
    9.Spiritual desires can be filled up…
    10.Sri lanka will the destination of you ..

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