Free Verses – Angry Eyes


Free Verse in Sinhala

Napuru Es

Angry Eyes” by Ish for D Zone

click here to download 

pls post your comments 


28 thoughts on “Free Verses – Angry Eyes

  1. Danuka Post author

    hi friends if u have a talent to write like this. send it to D Zone. We can post it. not only the sadness.. he..he..

  2. Prasanna

    “Napuru es laga
    dehen gatha unu
    heena hari manaram ..”

    This is the most heart touching part i believe
    well done !

  3. Asiri

    No Prasanna,
    i think it is
    “thaba maha duka
    mage depa mula
    kiya dun kavikam
    eka esillaka
    goluwa giya waga
    kelesa ma adaham..”
    it explains how he/she lost evrythin so suddnly & how unbelievable it is …
    isn’t it ?

  4. R.I.P

    Adaraya sundara waradaki
    Kisidaa samawak nam nethi
    mata pennala alee heti
    nuba dunna duka hodatama ethi ..!!!!

    Keep it up akki bt change the TOPIC ok ..!!
    Itz kinda little bit Boooring …!!
    😀 😀 😀


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