HIV/AIDS in Sri Lanka

Data SetsSri Lanka continues to have very low HIV prevalence. In low prevalence settings, the focus of HIV prevention programs should be the most-at-risk populations (MARPs). Data on HIV prevalence amongst MARPs in Sri Lanka is limited, with the exception of female sex workers. Prevalence among the latter is also low. However, data collected in the first Behavioral Surveillance Survey (BSS) of October 2006 through March 2007 indicate relatively high levels of risk behavior amongst MARPs. If these groups are not adequately addressed, Sri Lanka will be vulnerable to an increase in HIV infections. Sri Lanka has a narrowing window of opportunity to forestall the spread of HIV among high-risk groups. 

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Note – referred IMF (International Monetary Fund) web site 


5 thoughts on “HIV/AIDS in Sri Lanka

  1. nature’s death sentence to “sex workers”
    there are innocent souls who get it not knowing anything(infants only LOL) they should be addressed i think, others can dig them self a big hole just the size to fit them. What to do beyond that? having everything told again and again they just go trap themselves on the same snare SL’s situation should be getting worse(need not to mention surveys) because the whole world’s situation is getting worse and sri lankans imitate the “developed world” without questioning take a back seat, relax and enjoy your ride forget about the whole other than the people closest to you. Well thats enough i think

  2. This topic is “Prohibited” in Sri Lanka (even the word). Someone using it’s due to our culture or ethical things. But we should talk this disaster like the person who made the previous comment (Madura – thanks for ur great comment). Otherwise we don’t have people to Talk about the “Culture”. Ha..Ha.. This is an Emerging treat for Sri Lanka.

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