Why is Good Friday Called “Good”

jesus on the cross

If Good Friday is the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified, why is Good Friday called good?

Good Friday is the day commemorating Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross, which is probably to be dated April 3, A.D. 33. In the liturgical calendar of the Western church, it is the Friday before Easter. The exact origins of the name are uncertain; some argue it stems from the use of “Good” as an adjective applied to the day, which is an Old English synonym for “holy.” Others argue it is a corruption of the word “God,” in the same way that “Good Bye” comes from the phrase “God be with ye.”

Christians believe the day is “good” Continue reading

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Kill Switch to all Smartphones to Prevent Theft

Phone kill Switch

A trade group for wireless providers said Tuesday that the USA’s biggest mobile device manufacturers and carriers will soon put anti-theft tools on the gadgets to try to deter rampant smartphone theft.

CTIA – The Wireless Association announced that under a “Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment,” the companies including Apple, Samsung, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, Sprint, and T-Mobile have agreed to provide a free preloaded or downloadable anti-theft tool on smartphones sold in the U.S. after July 2015.

Owners’ options will include remotely Continue reading

The Importance of Bak Poya

The Importance of Bak Poya

It was on the Bak Full Moon Poya day, in the fiftieth year of his enlightenment, that the Buddha perceived with his divine eye, a dispute brewing between the two Sri Lankan Naga Communities led by two Naga Kings Chulodara and Mahodara.

According to the Mahavamsa, Continue reading

Sri Lanka T20 World Champions

Sri Lanka T20 World Champions (11)

Kumar Sangakkara struck an unbeaten 52 as Sri Lanka defeated a disappointing India by six wickets yesterday to finally win the World Twenty20 title.

Sri Lanka reached 134-4 in 17.5 overs to complete the long-awaited win in an ICC world tournament after restricting India to an unimpressive 130-4.

Former captain Sangakkara ensured there was no heartbreak this time after Sri Lanka had lost in four ICC world finals over the past seven years, including the World Cups in 2007 and 2011. Sri Lanka were making their third World Twenty20 final appearance. They lost to Pakistan in the 2009 final and to the West Indies in 2012.

Sangakkara had struggled in Continue reading

Sri Lanka’s greatest cricket triumph: 1996 World Cup Victory

sri lanka cricket world cup victory 1996

Memories of Premasara Epasinge

One of the greatest pleasures of commentating on the game of cricket, and touring the world, is having the opportunity to visit places, observe different cultures and see things you would otherwise never have experienced. I was fortunate. I commentated thrice from Pakistan, India, England and Sarjah. Further, I toured South Africa, Kenya, Australia and Zimbabwe – as a commentator.

In my 40 year stint as a cricket commentator, the most memorable match, etched in my mind, is the Wills World Cup 1996 final played at the Gadaffi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan, on 17th March 1996. In this final, Sri Lanka beat Continue reading

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 – Known and Unknown things

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

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As the search for a missing Malaysia Airlines jet entered a sixth day Thursday, investigators remained uncertain about its whereabouts.

Here’s a summary of what we know and what we don’t know about Flight 370, which was carrying 239 people when it disappeared from radar screens over Southeast Asia.

The Flight Path

What we know: The Boeing 777-200ER took off from Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, at 12:41 a.m. Saturday (12:41 p.m. Friday ET). It was scheduled to arrive in Beijing at 6:30 a.m. the same day, after a roughly 2,700-mile (4,350-kilometer) journey. But around 1:30 a.m., air traffic controllers in Subang, outside Kuala Lumpur, lost contact with the plane over the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam.

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Apple unveils Carplay; iPhone experience on your car

apple carplay

Apple has unveiled its new iPhone technology for cars at the Geneva Motor Show.

CarPlay allows iPhones to plug into cars so drivers will be able to call up maps, make calls and request music with Siri voice commands or a touch on a vehicle’s dashboard screen. It requires Apple’s latest software, iOS 7, and an iPhone 5, 5C or 5S.

Car producers including Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo previewed CarPlay in Geneva with other producers saying they plan to adopt the system.

“iPhone users always Continue reading

Samsung unveils Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung announced the Galaxy S5, its premium smartphone followup to the Galaxy S4, and a challenger to Apple’s iPhone 5s for the top smartphone in the world.

as one of the handful of tech companies whose every move is scrutinized closely by pundits and consumers alike, there had been a lot of speculation about what Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone might look like and do.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 probably isn’t the reinvention of the smartphone. But unlike last year’s Galaxy S4, there’s a good chance some of the new features announced Continue reading